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Tokyo Marui LCP/LCPII Shotgun Shell Adapter

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Tokyo Marui LCP/LCPII Shotgun Shell Adapter

Open Mon-Thu 4-6pm

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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This quirky little adapter acts as an extended grip and lets you run 30 round CYMA shot-shells in your TM LCP/LCPII. A lot of the guys running these pistols are using them as a MK23 replacement for close work when sniping.

To install this adapter, you'll need a short LCP/LCPII magazine.

Fit the included O ring to the base of the HPA adapter. Remove the baseplate of the gas mag, then use a hand clamp to compress the adapter onto the magazine shell, lining up and inserting the pins (fit the included O-ring ). Push the small included single stack block into the magazine, covering the BB loading hole (this may be glued in place to prevent loss)

We include a 3mm dowel pin to allow leverage on the adapter when clamping.

Naturally FPS will still be as low as on green/red gas due to the very short barrel, though I think this can likely be solved with one of the longer barrels available for the LCP2(please let me know if you've got one of these!)

Drop the line on the opposite side to your hand on the grip and it can be held really nicely. 

*There are other upgrades coming for this pistol, made by other highly regarded UK manufacturers, that will pair incredibly with this adapter* 


Why shotshells?

  • In the UK, some sites do not allow adapters that 'stick out the gun'.
  • Far more convenient than an M4 adapter when used as a holstered HPA sidearm (due to 'extended baseplate' profile)
  • For DMR/Sniping builds, allow you to get low to the ground
  • Use one mag for pistol and shotgun nights!

Shot Shell HPA Adapter Info

  • Compatible with most airsoft shotshells. We recommend CYMA shells, as they have the strongest springs (TM Shells are not as good) CYMA Shells Available Here
  • 0 BBs are dropped when shell is empty (adapter will feed all 30 rounds of shell)
  • A higher PSI and heavier BBs are required to hit higher joule values due to the smaller internal volume of the adapter. Field limits are still very much achieveable at green gas pressures, 120-135PSI