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We now preinstall these into the adapter, and hence it won't be loose in the adapters bag / packaging.. If it comes out when you remove the valve, thats no problem, you can just fit it to your valve and screw it back in. Remember to go slow with lots of lubricant when fitting the valve!

Please go to where we show you how to correctly fit your Foster Fitting to the regulator

Some of our adapters are smaller than a gas magazine, meaning they also contain less air. This means that PSI to FPS on an adapter will be different to a tapped magazine. Remember green gas / red gas ranges from 120-155PSI and has very different properties to air. You will be safe to run your gun at similiar pressures.

If you wish to increase your FPS for a given PSI, consider a longer or tighter bore barrel, heavier BBs (always recommended when running GBB), an NPAS / high flow nozzle, an improved hop bucking, or just a good old fashioned strip and lube.

  • Use good quality strong feeding magazines e.g. PTS EPM/1/s
  • If short stroked / running a high rated recoil spring, try reducing this. Try an upgraded nozzle spring.
  • M4 and MP5 Adapters - Ensure the shim is in place in the rear wall of the adapters magwell
  • Try running a higher PSI to make sure the bolt / slide is travelling fully
  • Ensure your tank has >1500PSI while testing
  • If short stroked / running a high rated recoil spring, try reducing this / putting it back to stock
  • Remove any 'heavy' recoil / bolt kits to see if this solves the problem
  • Increase your PSI!
  • Ensure your tank has >1500PSI while testing

There are 4 different GBB MP7s on the market, namely by TM, VFC, KWA and WE. None of them have compatible magazines, and you must order the adapter made for your gun. Notably, Umarex have rebranded both VFC and KWA MP7s so take particular care in identifying which gun you have (hint: if it doesnt work, its probably the KWA one, if it almost looks like an MP7, its the WE, and if it brings a proud tear to your eye when using it, its the TM)