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ONE by Jaeger Precision (Grease or Silicone Oil Pen)

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Type:Silicone Oil
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ONE by Jaeger Precision (Grease or Silicone Oil Pen)

Silicone Oil

Open Mon-Thu 4-6pm

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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ONE grease, all the time, every time! As seen on Instagram!


ONE is a high-quality synthetic multi-purpose grease. We believe it is the best Airsoft-branded lubricant on the market. This low-friction grease creates the minimal amount of friction possible between all moving parts relevant to the operation of Airsoft gear. This awesome substance will increase your consistency and reduce wear and stickiness in all applications even with high rate of fire builds. ONE is dielectric (doesn’t allow current to flow through it), food grade, clean, and environmentally friendly. ONE does not evaporate or gum up and form deposits. ONE will not separate or melt.

Don’t get us wrong. There are some great products out there however we feel that not only is this a great product but it’s also the easiest, cleanest, and most useable applicator we have come across. It will not negatively impact any materials or parts it’s applied to. This lubricant is safe for O-rings, rubber seals, plastic, metal, and all other materials.

The applicator is a small easy to store tube that contains the grease securely. Simply twist the rear a few clicks to push out a little grease onto the brush. When you finish, just pop the cap on and you’re ready. The small brush makes application easy and removes the need to use your fingers, screwdriver, paint brushes, cotton buds (yuck), or any other random implements you can find to slap it on.

Not only will this lubricant work in all applications but we have found that it requires less reapplication when compared to other greases and oils on the market. And it will not swell or break down your O-rings and seals. It is also safe to use in high-pressure air systems as it is non-flammable. Jaeger ONE can also be used in all climates as it retains its consistency in hot and cold temperatures. This high-quality, premium lubricant provides long-life protection against corrosion, wear, and friction from -40°C to 200°C

Jaeger ONE can be used on:

-HPA Engines and products

-GBB rifles and pistols

-AEG gearboxes including gears and cylinder components



-Rubber seals


-Outside of Hop Up rubbers to aid installation (care must be taken to not apply to inside of rubber)

And many many more!

You can use this stuff on pretty much anything!

  • Fully Synthetic

  • Water resistant

  • Biodegradable

  • Food Grade

  • Outlasts other greases 3 to 4 times over

  • Safe to use on all materials

  • Extremely low friction lubricant

  • Will not gum up over time

  • Same great performance in hot and cold temperatures

  • Can apply it to anything, anywhere


Applicator is now push button activated instead of twisting the base.