KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular) - AIRTACUK
KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular) - AIRTACUK
KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular) - AIRTACUK
KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular) - AIRTACUK
KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular) - AIRTACUK


KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular)

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Airtac 'Flat Top' Modular Adapter Base (Style):M4 Base
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KWA/KSC/ASG MP9 HPA Adapter (Modular)

M4 Base

Open Mon-Thu 4-6pm

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We are achieving 1J@100psi on a 0.25g BB. This means heavier BBs or higher PSI will put you way into or above UK field limits and closer to DMR (you can go up to 130PSI on this adapter). The adapter cycles well down to 80PSI.

CNC Valve Collar (This means no valve on plastic thread, for a FAR more durable adapter)

  • US HPA FITTING as standard, EU push fitting can be found on the website 

  • Rack your gun before insertion of the adapter

It doesn’t end there, we offer excellent product support, lifetime warranty, and provide free spare parts should you or your team ever need them!


A donor mag is required to build this adapter. You will need to remove the gas valve, feed lips, gas router and valve knocker from your gas magazine, and install them onto our adapter. 

We pressure test each adapter before shipping, to ensure that your valve will drop straight in and seal! We require donor parts to ensure absolute compatibility with your RIF.


Modular Adapter Top

This is the 'top' part of the modular HPA adapter, and is available for purchase so you can use your existing modular bases, saving you money!


Compatible with most M4 magazines, works best with PTS EPM1.


Compatible with all CYMA MP5 Mid Cap Magazines

Shotgun Shell 

Compatible with CYMA Shotgun Shells and some other brands

Drum Base

Allows your HPA adapter to be used with a Tokyo Marui MP5 or VZ61 drum (or a Well/Jing Gong one if you can find them). The drum itself can be purchased separately here

Modular Mag-wells also Sold Seperately!

Modular Mag-wells can be purchased individually here. I recommend mixing one high capacity mag-well, e.g. M4 or MP5 with a limited capacity mag-well such as the shotgun shell base, for those sites who don't like HPA adapters, or for when you want a more 'realistic' setup, while still running HPA.