Pistol Shotshell Adapter Instructions

These instructions picture a MK23 magazine and MK23 shotshell adapter, but will cover you for our entire shotshell range.

Tools Required


2mm Pin Punch or thin screwdriver. Available here

Valve Key (available on the website)

Silicone Oil (available on the website)


Punch out the feed lip pin from the right hand side of your magazine

Remove the exhaust valve using the Valve Key

 Novritsch and other clone MK23 magazines have a small spring seated behind the valve. Remove this along with the valve and use it in our adapter


Tighten the valve collar onto your valve as tight as possible. The aim here is to achieve maximum compression of the first O ring. For TM remove the first O ring (leftmost)



Insert the valve into the magazine and screw it in using the valve tool

Insert the feed lips / gas router, into the HPA adapter, and press in the feed lip pin

A job well done. Connect air to ensure seal, and a mag to ensure feeding

Troubleshooting feed problems

*We will install / build any HPA adapter for no charge, if a donor magazine is sent into us. For more info, see here. Sealing issues are generally installation based, and not due to the design of the adapter.