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Shotgun Shell Odin Sidewinder Adapter

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Shotgun Shell Odin Sidewinder Adapter

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Our range of Sidewinder Adapters are designed to fit inside an ODIN Sidewinder/Sidewinder clones, allowing you to fill your shotgun shells quickly! If your looking for the complete package, we also sell official ODIN Sidewinders here:


Tested on CYMA shotgun shells

You just pop them in, twist your odin twice and pop em out. 1 BB is dropped from the shell after loading thanks to a handy O ring retention.


  • Super fast magazine reloading (Much quicker than a typical speed loader)

  • O ring retention to reduce BB wastage

  • Robust, long lasting material

  • Designed & manufactured in the UK

*Shotgun shell not included.

Why shotshells?

  • In the UK, some sites do not allow adapters that 'stick out the gun'.
  • Far more convenient than an M4 adapter when used as a holstered HPA sidearm (due to 'extended baseplate' profile)
  • For DMR/Sniping builds, allow you to get low to the ground
  • Use one mag for pistol and shotgun nights!

Shot Shell HPA Adapter Info

  • Compatible with most airsoft shotshells. We recommend CYMA shells, as they have the strongest springs (TM Shells are not as good) CYMA Shells Available Here
  • 0 BBs are dropped when shell is empty (adapter will feed all 30 rounds of shell)
  • A higher PSI and heavier BBs are required to hit higher joule values due to the smaller internal volume of the adapter. Field limits are still very much achieveable at green gas pressures, 120-135PSI