Take your time, and follow the instructions, you’ll be fine!

Tools Required

Quick Grip Clamp, or vice. Available here

2mm Pin Punch or thin screwdriver. Available here


1.5mm Allen Key (standard in most sets). Available here

Valve Key

Silicone Oil. Available here










Drill such that the pin no longer protrudes past the shell of the magazine. This will allow for removal of the ‘gas block’, once the two other pins are removed.

Punch out the pins from the right hand side of the magazine, and remove the baseplate







 Punch out the feed lip pin from right hand side of the magazine, and remove the lips. Replace these when done installing the adapter






 Insert the single stack adapter into the gas magazine








Place the O Ring on the Adapter and Apply Silicone Oil to O Ring

For TM and STTI MK23 magazines, utilise the red O Ring, for Novritsch and other clones, the Black O ring is needed. If later, you find the adapter doesn’t seal, reseat the O ring, or try the ‘other’ colour, as the casting on the metal shells can be inconsistent.





Clamp the Magazine, aligning and partially inserting the rear pin, using the hammer

It will be easier to do this by clamping one ‘side’ of the adapter at a time in order to align the pin with the hole it must be pushed through. Ensure the pins are inserted into the correct hole (based on where the knurls were when you removed the pins from the adapter).


Due to the variance between different MK23 mags, this can be a tricky step. Take your time.

Repeat the previous two steps for the other magazine pin. You may need to manipulate the front pin to correctly ‘aim’ at the hole, and then hammer it in fully.

A job well done. Connect air to ensure seal, and a mag to ensure feeding

Troubleshooting feed problems

*We will install / build any HPA adapter for no charge, if a donor magazine is sent into us. For more info, see here. Sealing issues are generally installation based, and not due to the design of the adapter.