Take your time, and follow the instructions, you’ll be fine!

Tools Required

2mm Pin Punch or thin screwdriver. Available here


1.5mm and 2mm Allen Key (standard in most sets). Available here

Valve Key

Silicone Oil. Available here


Seperate the top gas from the magazine shell

You can use the bag the adapter came with to keep the internals of your magazine.

Remove the rear feed lip pin. Set aside the lips and router, and remove the valve.


Thread the included valve collar onto the valve and tighten as hard as you can, ensuring heavy compression of the ‘rear’ o ring. Lubricate all O rings on the valve.







Insert the valve into the HPA adapter, and tighten gently using the valve tool. Use the gas router window to observe the valve threading in, making sure the O rings don’t slip.

Place the feed lip and gas router onto the HPA adapter, and insert the provided pins to keep them in place








To install the magwell, first insert the modular section into your AKM, and then sit the magwell onto the modular section, screwing it in using the screws provided


A job well done. Connect air to ensure seal, and a mag to ensure feeding

Troubleshooting feed problems

*We will install / build any HPA adapter for no charge, if a donor magazine is sent into us. For more info, see here. Sealing issues are generally installation based, and not due to the design of the adapter..