HPA - Why, How and Where!

Green Gas... Red? Black? How about the very air that surrounds us.

Thousands of shots per tank. No cooldown. Each shot has a stable FPS, meaning improved shot to shot consistency, no matter the weather.

'We have magazines at home'

Buying into GBB platforms can cost hundreds of pounds in magazines alone. Everyone has M4 or MP5 mags. Let’s use them instead. We’ve got to keep up with the ARP9 drum gang after all.

Run the gun of your dreams.

We have adapters for some of the most fun guns in Airsoft, letting you get them out of the cupboard and onto the field.

Starting from scratch, you’ll need a Tank, a Line and a Regulator (and maybe a HPA backpack!)

Our basic tank is a bit shorter than a 1L bottle of coke. It will allow for 1500+ rounds, and should be filled to 3000PSI (most airgun and dive shops will happily fill your cylinders).

The regulator takes the 800PSI air (regulated by the tanks built in ‘primary’ regulator) from the tank down to the levels required for your gun to safely cycle. Its adjustable, which gives you control over your FPS.

The line we bundle is 36 inches long. It connects from your regulator, into the HPA adapter of your choosing. We also have longer lines if needed


The difference is purely down to the geometry of the connectors.

US systems are by far the most common, even in the UK, and likely in the EU. All our equipment comes default with US fittings. For our HPA adapters that have a line coming out of them, EU connectors can be purchased here

Here is an image to identify whether you have a US or EU HPA system based on your line

You can use either a dive bottle with a paintball fill station, or a paintball / PCP air rifle compressor.

The fill valve is on the tanks primary regulator (shown here)

You cannot fill your tank on a 'workshop' compressor. Your compressor must be capable of producing 3000PSI+

The steps required for filling your tank vary based on the equipment used, always consult the manufacturers instructions, or a marshal when filling your tank for the first time.

You'll see between 1000 and 1600 shots on a 0.8L tank (the standard bottle we sell).